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Traveling with Julia Child to Celebrate the 101st Anniversary of her Birth

Do you have an ardent or refined interest in food? Does your heart start beating a little bit faster while anticipating an exotic mouthwatering dish? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, consider yourself a “Foodie”.

Julia Child

It goes without saying that Julia Child was not only the Queen of Foodies; she remains the High Priestess of the Culinary Arts, making today, August 15 – the 101th anniversary of Queen Julia’s birth – a very special occasion for folks who go crazy over fabulous food.

Julia Child‘s love affair with food blossomed during her forties. While residing in Paris, she studied the art of cooking at the Le Cordon Bleu; becoming America’s top chef in her fifties after introducing the American public to French cuisine with her two volume cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.

To continue igniting passion for exceptional French cuisine- (for which foodophiles are famous); Le Cordon Bleu offers courses at several campuses around the world. Classes include a three hour demonstration of cuisine and pastry, a one day market tour and a one- to- four day culinary workshop.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child

But if you yearn to experience some of the extraordinary fares which inspired Julia, traveling to Rouen, France to dine at La Courounne is a must. There you can sample tasty authentic French food; such as Dover sole in butter sauce with a green salad, a  briny Portugaises oysters with rye bread, sheep’s’ feet, or a noteworthy lobster soufflé.

One of Julia’s favorite hangouts was rue Mouffetard in Paris. Every morning a narrow cobble-stoned street in the Fifth arrondissement is transfigured into an outdoor market. There you can savor an assortment of scrumptious cheeses and enticing breads and wine.

Rue Mouffetard, Paris

Rue Mouffetard in Paris…YUM!

But don’t be disappointed if at this time overseas travel is not in the cards. On the menu prepared to perfection by the Master Chef, Darryl Moiles is authentic, delectable French cuisine at the fabulous resort, The Four Seasons located in Palm Beach, Florida. Or, if you will be in the vicinity of the Big Apple, you can amply whet your appetite for French cuisine at the new Chelsea Triangle French Market.

Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach

Fine French fine dining in Palm Beach

No matter what your destination may be, Julia Child will be commemorating this auspicious occasion by wishing you an unforgettable journey and a “Bon Appetite”. How will you be celebrating? Tell us in a comment.

By Jo Singer

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