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Travel Advisory: Hurricane Sandy

Stay Informed

If you’re concerned your travel plans may be affected by Hurricane Sandy, please contact your Liberty Travel Vacation Expert to find out change and cancellation options. Please know that many of our East Coast branches will be affected and office closures will depend on locations and possible damage. We will reopen all locations as soon as conditions allow. Should you not be able to reach your Liberty Travel branch due to the storm, please call toll free at 1-877-221-8460 to reach a Vacation Expert able to assist you. You may also take a look at our updated advisory for stores open and able to take your calls during regular business hours.

File:Sandy Oct 28 2012 16.00(UTC).jpg

Hurricane Sandy, Courtesy Wikipedia

We make it our job to stay posted on travel advisories from  our airlines and will take care of rescheduling your flight to fit your needs as best we can. Refunds are in effect for some carriers if flights are cancelled and most airlines have issued a flexible travel policy that allows customers to make changes to their reservations without penalty.

Additionally, Liberty Travel continues to stay connected with our hotel, tour and cruise partners to provide you with up-to-date reports regarding itinerary changes and policies due to the storm.

We’ve Got Your Back

In the event your travel plans have changed and you’re stuck in a city longer than you anticipated, your travel consultant will help you make hotel arrangements so you’re not stranded. Take a load of stress off your plate and let us do the work for you. We’ll keep you in in the loop during the entire process and ensure that the options we send your way meets all of your needs.

Liberty Travel is also contacting customers about to commence their journeys to discuss travel options and are working with our travel providers to communicate information and policies in relation to the disruption of their services and to re-accommodate passengers as best we can.


Liberty Travel thanks you for your patience during this weather emergency. We wish all of our clients safe travels!

By Lara Nicotra

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