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Megan Gets Married: My wedding is in six months…let’s talk travel!

Megan posing with her coffee and new ring

Meet Megan (& her ring)!

Hi, and welcome to our fancy new blog series! My name’s Megan, and I’m officially in the middle of planning my wedding. It winds up there’s a ton of travel planning that goes into making a wedding happen, and I’m kind of trying to sort it all out as I go. So follow me over the next six months as I try to figure out things like where to go on your honeymoon, why you need a room block, and how to take a passport picture that won’t humiliate you with its ugliness.

When I got engaged last winter, I spent most of the time walking around in a Champagne and cake-induced haze. I followed every wedding Pinterest board I could find (you’d think you have a limit of how many mason jar centerpieces you can look at, but you’d be wrong. Seriously, Pinterest is the greatest). I probably got 15 manicures. I introduced my fiancé as “my fiancé” ten thousand times, and it never got old.
Keith down on one knee proposing to Megan

I still have those little white gloves, and they’re still covered in mascara from crying all over them.

Keith taking Megan's hand to place the engagement ring on

This exact moment here is literally the happiest of my life.

What I didn’t do was consider how much work actually goes into planning a wedding. Now that I have just under six months until I get married, I’m realizing how much there is to learn. Do you know there are DJs that will actually shoot confetti out of a cannon at you? I do now, and that’s such a bizarre thing to know.

So! In this series, you can follow me as I try to plan a honeymoon, consider the logistics of a destination bachelorette party and figure out how to book a room block. Also, figure out exactly what a room block is because I’m still pretty sure I’m thinking of the wrong thing.

We’re going to kick things off next week when I talk to Marsha-Ann Brown, Director of Romance (that is a real title, and it’s glorious) at Sandals Resorts and advice columnist for their popular Love Is All You Need wedding blog. She sat down with me to tell me everything there is to know about destination weddings, including the greatest beach updos, what shoes are best for walking on the sand, and why you should never, never try a fake tan.

So what about you! When are you getting married? What do you have questions about? Most importantly, tell me about your centerpiece ideas so I can steal them. 

By Megan Ranney

Tags: engagement ring, proposal, wedding planning


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