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Megan Gets Married: Here Are All The Room Block Mistakes I Made!

Megan posing with her coffee and new ring

Meet Megan (& her ring!)

This week I’m super excited to be offering an EXCLUSIVE promo code for the best wedding (and app) planning website I’ve ever used! I love Appy Couple so much that I literally called them as soon as they helped me create my own beautiful little website and matching app and begged them to partner with us – and they are! Take a look below for more details, as well as the three things I took away from how bad I was at trying to book a room block.


So booking room blocks is the worst part of wedding planning. Other than making your seating chart probably, which is what everyone says is actually the worst part of wedding planning.

I know it sounds crazy to say the number of people I’m somehow related to is increasing every week…but I swear it’s increasing every week. And part of the responsibility that comes with having a giant extended family is finding a hotel near your venue that can hold them all.

Large family

Here are just a few of the 700 people I’m either related to or will be related to shortly.

A room block serves three very boring purposes:

  • To reserve a block of rooms so people don’t get stuck without a hotel, or in a hotel far from everyone else
  • To secure rooms at a the lowest possible price
  • To lock in that price for your guests

So booking a room block is the living worst. Do you know how many phone calls to how many different hotels you have to make in order to find this stuff out? It’s excruciatingly time-consuming. Plus I kept accidentally throwing away the notes that I’d take power-calling these people on my lunch break, so I hated it even more.

Recently I was interviewing our awesome Groups Team for our Ultra-Specific Guide To Destination Weddings, and mentioned how tedious this was. And THAT was when they reminded me that booking groups and room blocks was literally their only job, and I probably should have at some point just walked ten feet down the hall and asked them to do it for me.

Thing I Didn’t Know #1: I should have asked them to book my room block

So that was embarrassing, considering I sit right down the hall from them and was at that exact moment interviewing them about group wedding bookings.

But seriously – have someone else book your room block. Do it. After weeks of ineffectually calling hotels and creating sad-looking spreadsheets, my lovely coworker Bridget took over for me and skipped by my desk a few days later with everything all neatly tied up with a figurative little bow on it. I didn’t have to pay anything to have her do all the grunt work, she was able to get my guests a great deal, and she also secured my contract and figured out the per-person costs for me. In total, it took her about a week to wrap up what had taken me three months to at that point stumble through and still not finish.

Groups Team member Bridget

Thanks, Bridget!

Thing I Didn’t Know #2: They’ll also handle all the follow-up for me

I sent Bridget the location of my venue, our wedding date, and the number of people we were expecting, and that was the extent of my involvement with this entire thing. I’m done! She’s handling all the booking and deposits for me. If anyone comes back with questions, she’s the one who answers them. And if there are any weird hotel requests or last-minute changes, she’s the one who calls the hotel and figures it out. My hands are totally washed of this business, and I’m onto cake tasting!

Thing I Didn’t Know #3: Appy Couple is the best wedding website ever

I love Appy Couple so ridiculously much. They’re so pretty. And so cool. Not only do they help you create a gorgeous and easy-to-use wedding website to share with your guests, but also an equally gorgeous and easy-to-use corresponding app.

Why I mention them, besides the fact that they’re just generally awesome, is that during this whole room block business I was trying to create a website to tell my guests about hotel options without having to call each one individually. And then I found Appy Couple! And my life was complete!

Appy Couple wedding app

They have literally over 300 designs, and each is cuter than the last.

You can choose from hundreds of templates designed by superstars like Wedding Paper Divas and Brides magazine, and sort through your options with their giant pretty color wheel. More importantly (maybe), you can personalize your site with tons of different widgets to add things like playlists and videos, fun polls, and even your bar menu.

Their travel page is the by far the best I’ve ever seen, with the ability to share information about room blocks, things like shuttle times and car rentals, and even parking. Your guests will love you for being so clever and helpful, and you’ll love not having to field questions from them every day.

And the best part is that Appy Couple is offering an exclusive promo code to all of our blog readers! Enter APPY2LT on checkout to save 20% off, and check out to see for yourself how seriously great it is.

So how many guests are you expecting, and where are you putting them all? And is there anything more boring than booking a room block? I still have four months to go and want to know what I’m in for.

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By Megan Ranney

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