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Meet the Team: Vacation Expert Jennifer Berg

Meet the Team logo“Meet the Team” is a blog series that shines a spotlight on our travel consultants. With over 61 years of experience as America’s Vacation Experts, we’d like to introduce you to the team. This month, we’re highlighting Jennifer Berg from our Robinson store in Pittsburgh, PA.

How long have you been a Vacation Expert?
I’ve been a Vacation Expert for almost five months.

Jennifer Berg's profile picture

Jennifer Berg, Vacation Expert

What inspired you to begin a career in travel?

I took my first trip overseas in 2008 when I had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of visiting Russia. To put it mildly – that trip changed my life! I caught the international travel bug and caught it bad! If I’m not traveling, I’m planning my next trip. It was an easy transition to become a Vacation Expert at Liberty Travel because now I have the honor and pleasure of planning trips for other people.

What’s your favorite part of being a travel consultant?

My favorite part is helping my clients make their perfect vacation a reality. I get so excited for them – especially if they are visiting a destination for the first time.

What’s your favorite destination and why?

The first time I saw London, I felt like I was home. I walked around with no maps and locals kept stopping and asking me for directions!

Kensington Gardens in London

Jennifer’s photo from the Kensington Gardens in London

What is the one item you NEVER travel without and why?

Space bags. They. Will. Change. Your. Life.

Travel shopping and souvenirs – what’s your advice?

Shopping while abroad can be a lot of fun, but then you are faced with the reality of trying to bring everything home. Years ago, I decided to streamline a bit and start my own tradition; I purchase a Christmas tree ornament from each area that I visit. They are often inexpensive and extremely portable. And then, each December when I unpack them, I’m flooded with all the wonderful memories of my previous trips.

Urquhart Castle in Scotland

Jennifer at the Urquhart Castle in Scotland

What destination is top on your bucket list?

Skibo Castle in the northern Highlands of Scotland. This former home of Andrew Carnegie is now a private members-only hotel and club. So if you know of any members in need of a guest, please send them my way. I assure you I have excellent manners!

If you were an airline seat, would you be an “aisle,” “middle” or “window”?

Definitely an “aisle”. I like a good view of the action. And having a bit of room to stretch is great in any situation!

If you have any questions for Jennifer, you can submit a comment below. You may also contact her directly via email or phone at 412-787-3624. And, if you’d like to see your favorite Vacation Expert highlighted in the series, send through a nomination to our email address at

By Lara Nicotra

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