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Let your Vacation Begin at the Airport with Valet Parking

Have you ever circled around an airport several times just to find a parking spot where you can leave your car until your return? Do you dread boarding a shuttle bus to your car and waiting as you stop to pick up travelers arrive from all other gates?
Los Angeles International Airport

Finding airport parking can be a challenge

Valet parking, which is usually a welcome sight at hotels and restaurants, is finding a presence at more and more US airports. Valet parking takes the hassle out of travel and, to make things even easier, starts with an online reservation.

The Parking Spot, a leading near-airport parking company in the United States with 34 locations at 22 airports, offers travelers a ride to and from the airport in the company’s unique and memorable yellow and black spotted shuttles. The shuttles pick up guests at their cars or valet lobbies and run continuously to the airport. The Parking Spot covers all major airport locations in the tri-state area.
The Parking Spot Shuttle

The Parking Spot shuttle is easy to spot ;)

When you land and the shuttle picks you up, give the driver your ticket number and your car will be waiting for you when you get off the shuttle. Valet parking, with the fee already paid and the engine running, is much more convenient than leaving a car parked in a lot or garage – which could be an elevator ride and a long walk away, especially while carrying luggage.

The Parking Spot has covered and open-air locations that are fully-fenced, well lit, and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The drivers also offer complimentary luggage assistance upon departure and return. In addition, guests are provided with a complimentary newspaper and bottle of water.

As an added value, air travelers can also enroll in the Spot Club rewards program. Just pick up a Spot Club card from the Parking Spot cashier. Membership is free and you can earn points starting with your next stay that can be redeemed for free parking on a future trip. You can also link your Spot Club card to a credit card. This service enables you to exit The Parking Spot using just your linked Spot Club card to earn points and pay for your stay. 

You may have thought that the pampering starts at your vacation destination…

Other valet parking services that are similar to Parking Spot are available as well. WallyPark has valet services and offers Wi-Fi on its shuttles and in its lobby. Park2Go can arrange for one of their valets to meet you at the door of the terminal. They will help you with your luggage and drive the car back to the Park2Go facility. Upon return, you just call the toll-free number, and your car will be delivered curbside at your arriving terminal.

You may have thought that the pampering starts at your vacation destination, but with valet airport parking, it starts the moment you drop your car off!

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By Jennifer Levey



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