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Hurricane Sandy: A message from Emma Jupp

When Hurricane Sandy pummeled through the East Coast last week, many of our clients, stores, and employees were greatly affected. Please see below for a special message from our President. 

Message from Emma Jupp, President Liberty Travel

Dear Liberty Travel Friends,

Emma Jupp, President

For over a week, we have been faced with overcoming the challenges brought on by Hurricane Sandy. It has been one of the most difficult times we have ever experienced. Millions of people were without power, homes were destroyed, and entire cities were shut down. The impacts of this superstorm are unlike any that could have been imagined.

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, especially those communities that have been hit the hardest and are still dealing with evacuation, property damage, and other storm aftermath challenges. Travel was severely impacted in unforeseen ways with airport closures caused by Sandy’s devastation.

Throughout this challenging time, the Liberty Travel team did whatever it took to ensure that our systems were fully functioning and our customers were being taken care of every step of the way, working 24/7 across multiple offices, time zones and geographies (including our Australia team). Thankfully, we planned ahead and all calls were diverted to those teams who were able to handle the inquiries in geographic regions outside the storm’s path including Los Angeles, Chicago, upstate New York, and Florida. More than 1,000 customers were assisted by our exceptional and dedicated teams who were committed to providing the utmost care.

We have been focusing on supporting our customers during these most trying of circumstances. It’s been the dedication of our 900 Travel Consultants and support teams, working around the clock, that has ensured our customers were kept well informed and tended to at all times.

As we continue to work with our customers, you can find the most current updates by following Liberty Travel on Twitter and Facebook. As our hearts go out to our colleagues who have lost everything, we are currently raising funds to support them in addition to supporting the Red Cross in their efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

I want to thank you – our customers. You have been patient, supportive, and positive throughout these difficult circumstances. In times like these, I am so proud to be leading the Liberty Travel team and serving you, our loyal customers.


Emma Jupp

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