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Destination Weddings: Maui

Deanna Matt, Utica-New Hartford Liberty Travel

Deanna Matt is a Vacation Expert from our Utica-New Hartford store in New York. Besides being passionate about travel, Deanna has knowledge and expertise in the hospitality business – making destination weddings one of her favorite vacations to plan! “Destination Weddings” will be a continuing series – so, read along as Deanna sifts through the details and gives us her picks for the big day. First up: Maui! And what perfect timing – we are in the middle of our Hawaii Sale.

Perfect Time to Have a Wedding: Hawaii’s gorgeous year-round weather makes it ideal for destination weddings any time! However, January and February do tend to have the most rainfall, and most afternoons, year-round, there is a slight mist that occurs for about an hour. But, the Hawaiians will tell you that if you don’t like the weather just hop in the car and drive to the other side of the island, or wait an hour!

Ideal For: Couples of all ages looking for lots of sightseeing opportunities and activities. It’s a romantic location with lots to do!

Don’t Miss: When in Hawaii you absolutely MUST participate in a traditional luau. Your Vacation Expert can even help you book a true luau wedding ceremony for you and your guests to get the most out of the Hawaiian experience and culture. Take a morning tour of Haleakala Crater to see the sun rise out of the volcano mouth, and then take a bike-ride back down! But don’t forget to dress warm; it can get down to 30°F up there!

Getting There: There are a few options for airports on the Hawaiian Islands and most major airlines will fly into one of these. Some airlines offer direct flights from the mainland both on the West and East Coasts, but most transport will involve changes and possible layovers. From New York City the air time is approximately 10.5 hours, from Los Angeles approximately 5 hours, from Chicago approximately 9 hours, and from Dallas-Fort Worth approximately 8 hours.

Once on the island, many of our clients choose to get around via car rental. It’s a great way to see all that the island has to offer and on your own schedule. Ask your Vacation Expert about booking a car rental with our preferred partner, Alamo, before you travel will make your trip run smoothly and efficiently.

Sunrise over Haleakala (Courtesy: Wikipedia)


State Flower of Hawaii: Yellow Hibiscus – however, Maui’s flower is the Pink Lokelani (Rosa damascena), or pink cottage rose (this is the only non-native flower that is recognized as an official island flower).

State Fish of Hawaii: The Humuhumunukunukuapua`a (Rhinecanthus rectangulus), also called the rectangular trigger fish, or Hawaiian trigger fish (say this one 3 times fast)!

If you tie the knot on Maui, remember to hop over to the Big Island and visit the Volcanoes National Park. Legend has it that if you leave a flower lei at the crater of Kilauea Volcano, the Hawaiian Goddess Madame Pele will bless your marriage. But, make sure to leave the lava rocks alone, if you take them with you she will give you bad luck forever!

Note: Since Hawaii is a US state, there is no need to focus on international policies and procedures. For a detailed list of the requirements needed for marriage licensing in Hawaii, please check out Hawaii’s State Department of Health’s information.


The “Destination Weddings” series will continue on our travel blog. Stay tuned for advice and recommendations as Deanna helps our brides-to-be plan the perfect destination wedding of their dreams! If you have questions for Deanna, you can contact her at 315-797-8990 or via email at And take a look at the awesome Hawaii Sale – with up to 50% off, now is the best time to book!

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