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Costa Rica: Effortless Sustainability in Tourism

Imagine a country with no army. On top of that, visualize a paradise-on-earth setting where unmatched biodiversity, fun, surf and sun takes center stage. This place actually exists, and its name is Costa Rica. The most stable and fastest-growing country in the whole of Latin America, this multicultural nation is celebrated for its efforts in sustainable tourism.

Waterfall in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the pioneers of eco-tourism harking back to the early nineties. While its Latin and Caribbean neighbors are clamoring to build expensive, all-inclusive resorts along their shorelines, Costa Rica is consistently trying and succeeding to create an unmatched tourism blueprint. Touted as an eco-tourism destination, this nation was able to double its tourism earnings by the mid 1990’s.

Zipline through the cloud forest

With more than 20 national parks and 8 biological reserves, Costa Rica puts in a lot of effort to ensure that tourists and exotic plants and animals get a fair deal by ensuring a peaceful and symbiotic relationship.

Puerto Limon, located a few hours east of San Jose offers up a delectable mix of color, nature trails and panoramic views. The Jungle Breeze is a hidden gem that’s not known by many people who visit this country’s oldest port. Featuring zip lining, educational jungle tours and abundant wildlife, this project was initially set up by its founder, Rafael Calderon. By visiting this region, you get to play an important role by creating employment opportunities for locals in the surrounding communities as well as maintaining this stunningly beautiful habitat.

What’s next for Costa Rica? Its success as an eco-tourism destination has shown the rest of the Caribbean and world that sustainable tourism is possible and that scaling down on hotel developments doesn’t mean a subsequent dip in travelers interested in vacationing in a given region. Costa Rica continues to blaze the way for the rest of the world as it shifts to sustainable solutions.

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Written by Mussa Issa

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