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Hold onto Your Wands, Harry Potter Fans: Diagon Alley is Here!

Hands up – does anyone know what today is? Hint! It’s magical, and amazing, and we’ve been waiting for it for just about forever! If you said opening day of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Diagon Alley™ at Universal Studios Florida®, then you’re right! (It’s also National Chocolate with Almonds Day, so do with that what you will!) Diagon Alley™ (if you haven’t read the … Continue reading

Here are Four Golf Courses that will Never let you be a Member

There’s no great way to say this…but you’ll probably never be allowed to play on any of these courses. And you might be ushered off the property if you try. Not only are these golf clubs some of the most expensive in the country (like $300,000 expensive), but they’re also the most painstakingly exclusive. Did you win the US Open? Sorry. Richest man in the … Continue reading

Let’s Go Eat Some Cake in the Middle of the Ocean!

Do you like cake? Of course you do. Who doesn’t like cake? (Unless you don’t, in which case…I’m not even sure how to finish the rest of this sentence.) But luckily for the rest of us, Norwegian Cruise Line also likes cake! Which means big news – they now officially have a Carlo’s Bake Shop on every one of their ships. Like, all of them, … Continue reading

Like Horses? Here’s Your Go-To Guide to the Cities of the Triple Crown

If you’re a fan of horse racing, then you probably know that the Belmont Stakes – the third leg of the Triple Crown – is this weekend. The Triple Crown, for the uninitiated, is a series of three horse races that kicks off with the Kentucky Derby in May. Only eleven horses have ever won all three races – the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and … Continue reading

Our NY Travel Expo is This Sunday! Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s finally here! Our 2014 NY Travel Expo is THIS SUNDAY, and we’re breaking down the information you absolutely need to know. When: 10:00am – 5:00pm, this Sunday, March 23 Where: Suffolk Community College in Long Island, NY. There will be signs directing you where to go, look for the Health, Sports & Education Center. Why: Because you love to travel, and we have hundreds of the … Continue reading

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