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Brussels is having a Full Bloom Explosion

Have you ever heard about the ‘Flower Carpet’ in Brussels? Every two years, the Grand Place square in Brussels is filled with a huge flower carpet made of begonia flowers that is put on public display. Its total size is larger than the Rose Bowl football field. The next time to see a carpet made of flowers is in 2014. Or is it?
Flower carpet in Brussels Grand Place

Flower Carpet at Grand Place in Brussels

It looks like the capital of the EU is gearing up in 2013 with a ‘new’ celebration that gardener lovers everywhere will place on their bucket list. The Grand Place’s medieval square will once again become a wonderland of flowers while debuting a new flower fest with the wordy yet accurate name “Floraliëntime, Brussels flowered by the Floralies of Ghent.”

Horticulturists from all corners of the globe are coming out for this event that is being held August 15th to the 18th. This will be a bi-yearly event that will alternate with the beloved bi-yearly Flower Carpet. Now the square will be adorned with flora each and every summer.
The theme behind this first edition flower festival is the “Colors of Life.” It is going to be consisting of a lovely and stunning walking garden full of colors and scents that will sure to bring anyone to tears. The decorations will only heighten the experiences as they are being done by some of the world’s leading architects and designers. A version of the traditional flower carpet of Brussels crafted completely in Begonias will be on display for visitors at this year’s show only.
Flower Carpet on the Grand Place

This is what the Grand Place looked like in August 2012!

The event promises many new varieties of flowers and plants provided by Floralies of Ghent that have never been seen before and will all tie into the festival’s theme. Besides the Grand Place being transformed into a lovely garden emitting gorgeous colors and scents, the city of Brussels is a hidden gem that many travelers to Europe overlook.

Atomium building in Brussels

Must-See List: Atomium

Brussels is suited as a family vacation too. It offers attractions for the little ones at the Musee des Enfants (Children’s Museum) and the open all-year-round Océade waterpark for the whole family. The Belgian Comic Strip Museum illustrates this art form perfectly, with sets of enlarged drawings and three-dimensional recreations. Children and adults can follow the history of Belgium’s most famous comic strip hero, “Tintin.” Don’t forget to stop by the Atomium, built for the Brussels World’s Fair of 1958. It is a representation of an ‘atom’ where an elevator takes visitors to the upper sphere to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The list goes on and on for other great places to visit while in Brussels including the Musical Instrument Museum, Horta Museum and Bourse of Brussels Stock Exchange.
With so many interesting things going on and places to visit, make some time for some of specialties in Brussels such as mussels, waffles and chocolate.

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