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Being Whimsical in Barcelona

Can you guess what makes Barcelona unique? It’s the eclectic architectural differences that formulates  its separation from others. Step out into the real world of “The Looking Glass of Alice.”

Casa Batllo’s imaginative design

Jam-packed with Antoni Gaudi’s influence, just look for the architect’s stamp on roof tops, spiraling towers, lamp posts and enveloping waves of structural edifices jagged with broken glass and mosaics.

Here are some of the unusual structures integrated in the Catalan city by the sea that leaves a forever lasting impression.

Casa Batllo is straight out of fantasy land and is an extraordinary example of Gaudi’s imagination. Depicting the slaying of a dragon on its exterior, this story line continues inside from the main floor to the roof garden with the dragon’s presence always in view.

Park Guell’s gingerbread-like houses greet all who have made the upward trek from its street side stairwell. Ornamented with brightly-colored broken tiles in true Gaudi fashion, a winding serpentine bench is situated in the park’s center. This bench is the number one choice for a comfortable resting place. Take a seat on this ingenious piece of art while gaining stunning vistas of the city below.

A beautiful view overlooking Park Guell

Gaudi’s love song to Barcelona, Sagrada Família may not be a skyscraper but certainly is monumental. Construction of the surreal church began in 1891 and its completion date is slated for 2026. Climb up to its rooftop featuring eight spiral towers that are adorned with sculptures. These spires make Sagrada Família the tallest church in the world

Under construction until 2026!

It is nearly impossible to encompass everything the city has to offer but you haven’t seen Barcelona without a bit of Gaudi added on, so go ahead and be whimsical. Which will be your first Gaudi highlight to visit? Even if you can’t make a decision, the influence is all around.

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By Veronica Shine

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