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Become a Total Travel Expert at This Weekend’s Travel Expo

Ok. So you already know that you can win big and there are a ton of things to do at Sunday’s NJ Travel Expo (besides the fact that you can book your dream vacation on site), but did you also know that you can become an expert traveler? Well now you do!

2013 Travel Expo crowd

Can you spot the travel experts in the crowd? Hint: It’s all of them.

All day we’ll be hosting free seminars from some of the biggest names in travel, about everything from specific resorts to destinations, to cruises and guided tours. If you’ve ever had a question about travel, this is the time to get it answered.

We can’t list all of the seminars here, because then you’d be scrolling for ages, but here are some of the highlights!

  • There will be reps from the Hawaii, British Virgin Islands, and Aruba tourist boards to talk about all there is to see and do in their destinations
  • We’ll have cruise lines if you feel like taking to the sea, whether it’s on the ocean or a river
  • Escorted tour companies will tell you all the ways that you can explore nearly every continent on earth
  • Everything from small boutique resorts to some of the biggest names in hotels will answer everything you want to know about their property

Look forward to seeing you at our NJ Travel Expo this Sunday at 10:00am! Want to know more? Visit our official 2014 Travel Expo site  for dates and locations!

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