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Surprise! 5 Things You Might Not Know About Majestic Resorts

The Majestic Elegance and Majestic Colonial are two of the most popular resorts in the entire Dominican Republic.

Majestic Resort Beach

I can’t imagine why…

So instead of going into all the reasons why Majestic is one of everyone’s favorite vacation spots, we’re going to tell you five things that you might NOT know.

1. Unlimited. Lobster.

Both See & Sea and Tres Carabelas serve fresh, juicy lobster, literally still steaming, at their oceanfront and open-air restaurant steps from the beach. They also don’t charge an additional fee like a lot of other resorts do, so you can eat it every single night of your vacation.

Lobster at Majestic Resort

“And for dessert, I will also have the lobster.”

2. There’s mamajuana at every bar on the property.

If you’ve never had mamajuana, put it on your agenda. It’s basically tree bark and herbs soaked with red wine, rum, and honey, and it’s the island’s unofficial national drink. It’s also hard to say you had a real Dominican Republic vacation without having a sip (or at least a smell – it packs a bit of a punch). Luckily, in addition to all of the other premium alcohol and wine that’s always on hand, Majestic stocks all of its 11 bars with generous amounts of it.

3. Adults-Only Club members all get butlers.

The best thing about Majestic’s Adults-Only Club is that literally everyone gets a butler. The second best thing is a three-way tie between the Bali beds at their private pools, the hors d’oeurves in the VIP lounge (especially the little ham crostini), and the swim-up bars.

Majestic Bali Beds

Excuse us while we catch some zzz’s.

4. The TV in their sports bar is literally 9.5 feet by 7 feet large.

So if you’re worried about missing a game, you’re good.

5. They do hundreds of weddings a year.

Majestic has destination weddings down to an art form, and it’s one of the most popular places to get hitched in Punta Cana for a bunch of different reasons. For starters, they have three equally stunning locations: on the beach, in their gazebo, or in their on-site chapel. They also have full-time wedding coordinators that will do all the planning so you can sit by the beach and enjoy the sun. Plus, see numbers 1 and 2.

Have you been to Majestic Resorts before? How much lobster did you eat? And official opinion on mamajuana – delicious or deadly?

By Megan Ranney

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